Williamsburg Civic Association

Arlington, Virginia 22207 & 22213

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The Williamsburg Civic Association (WCA) is a non-profit, non-partisan association of residents and property owners living in the western part of Arlington County, Virginia. The purpose of the civic association is to promote the general welfare of the community and its residents.The WCA represents about 1,100 households and interacts with the Arlington County Civic Federation, the Arlington County Board, and a variety of local and regional organizations.


The Williamsburg Civic Association was organized in 1951, when large-scale housing construction began in this part of north Arlington. The civic association was active over the next several decades, protecting community interests and campaigning for neighborhood improvements. During the late eighties and early nineties, the civic association became largely inactive.

In the late nineties, however, a cellular telephone company sought to install a monopole atop the Minor Hill water storage facility. This threat galvanized the neighborhood and the Williamsburg Civic Association was revitalized to deal with it. WCA leaders, recognizing the importance of the county's Neighborhood Conservation (NC) Program, focused much of their attention on developing a Neighborhood Conservation Plan, begun in March 1997 and approved by the Arlington County Board in 2000.

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